Join us to get 117 more women into Parliament at the next election

50:50 Parliament wants men and women to run our country and plan the future in roughly equal numbers.

Let’s build a better democracy, together!

50:50 is a cross-party campaign aiming to encourage, inspire and support political engagement. Currently of the 650 seats in the House of Commons men hold 442 (68%) and women only 208 (32%).


To address the overwhelming gender imbalance in Parliament, we encourage everyone to ask talented and inspirational women to stand as Parliamentary candidates.

To become an MP you need to contact a party. Get in touch with the #AskHerToStand contact for your party.

They organise training and mentoring programmes for prospective parliamentary candidates.

Women and Equalities Select Committee Inquiry

The 50:50 Parliament submission to the women and equalities select committee

The 50:50 Parliament Campaign submitted written evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s inquiry into Women in the House of Commons

Our report joins a long list of written and oral evidence from a range of political parties, campaign groups and experts.

  • The 50:50 Campaign at the House of Commons

    The 50:50 Campaign at the House of Commons

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