50:50 Parliament Take the Stage in Trafalgar Square

Women’s March London was inspirational!

100,000 people shutting London down in solidarity with women worldwide! And 50:50 Parliament was there.

The fab campaign video made by Charlie Brades was premiered in Trafalgar Sq to a massive crowd. Hundreds of 50:50 supporters marched in our “power” t-shirts with our “power” placards.

And Isabel Adomakoh Young was on the stage speaking for #5050Parliament and urged everyone to take this day of action further!

“If you believe women should have equal say at Westminster then say so and sign change.org/5050Parliament.

This issue is bigger than politics it’s about human rights because women’s rights are human rights.

50:50 want men and women to run the country and plan the future together, in similar numbers.”

Thanks all the wonderful people at Women’s March London for making it happen and giving 50:50 the platform – this day was transformational for the campaign. 50:50 are here and we mean business!