A manifesto for the new man: how the Great White Male can stay relevant [New Statesman]

The days of the Great White Male are numbered. So how should men live now? Stephen Fry, Mary Beard, Andrew Marr, Margaret Atwood and others offer their survival tips.

You are invited to read this free preview from Grayson Perry’s New Statesman guest edit. To read Grayson’s essay on “Default Man”, click here.

Margaret Atwood

In gender relations, the best guide to preventing Great White Males’ irrelevance is the expletive-wielding blogger Chuck Wendig, who has written about sexism in publishing and gaming, “rape culture” and male privilege:

This world is home to countries where a girl will literally get acid splashed in her face or get . . . stoned or get . . . killed just for showing some skin or having an opinion. I know of no present country or culture where a matriarchy will do the same to men for getting uppity with his ideas or daring to flash a patch of scrotum. That is privilege. And it is woefully real.

The strongest writerly advocates for women are men, because they can get away with being more extreme. If Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series had been written by a woman, she’d have been burned at the stake as a man-hating witch. And so it goes. But are Great White Males really in the Planet Earth driver’s seat? India? Pakistan? South America? Africa?

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