Ask an inspirational woman to stand for Parliament!

Parliament is meant to be representative but there are twice as many male MPs as there are female MPs. At the last election only 12 extra women MPs were elected. At this rate it will take 50 years to achieve gender equality in Parliament. 100 years after women won the right to vote 50:50 are aiming to achieve better gender balance in Parliament sooner than this.

All the political parties and over 50,000 signatories to the 50:50 petition agree that a gender balanced Parliament would be more representative and better for all. Studies have shown that women are half as likely than men to consider themselves potential candidates for elected office and that they need to be asked three times before they will consider standing.

This is why 50:50 need your help in asking inspirational, talented women to stand for Parliament. A little nudge from you might make all the difference and 50:50 can then support them along the way. So, let’s build a better democracy together!

What am I signing her up for?

First, we will send her an email with your message and encourage her to think about standing for Parliament. Then, only if she is interested, she can choose to sign up to stand. The 50:50 team will then contact her to help her take the next step and introduce her to our links in the party of her choice. We won't email her again unless she joins the campaign or signs up to stand.

At the bottom of the form we ask you for your name and email so we can tell your nominee who's asked her to stand. We don't use your data for any other purpose. We certainly won't email you (unless you subscribe yourself).