Winning Women MPs Invite Others to Stand

50:50 #AskHerToStand House of Commons Dec 2017 Blog by Mojo Abidi, 50:50 Editor   This December, hundreds of 50:50 campaigners got together to celebrate the annual #AskHerToStand event in Parliament; a cross-party event to encourage more women into Parliament. 50:50 have been called the 21st Century Suffragettes, in their continuing call for political equality. As well as celebrating the powerful ladies …

Maria Miller MP and the Women & Equalities Select Committee says "Government Lacks Ambition"

Government Lacks Ambition Says Committee

By Debbie Worden 50:50 Parliament Campaigner There are days when  good intentions aren’t enough, and Thursday 7th December was definitely one of them.  At 1.30 in Westminster, Maria Miller (MP, Cons) outlined 6 main recommendations of the Women and Equalities Committee from the report, ‘Women in the House of Commons’. The government had rejected all six, which seems a little …

Wearing the t-shirt for a gender balanced parliament

50:50 at Koreo’s Good Women event

50:50 Parliament were warmly welcome at Koreo’s Good Women event on Thursday, speaking on the subject of “Why we need more women in politics”. It was a pleasure to be on the diverse panel with other passionate women from all sectors – be it policy making or journalism. Listening to all the speakers, one thing seemed clear: that it was …

If we had 50:50 parliament would we still be waiting on this law to help end violence against women?

Last week, as 50:50 launched the #AskHertoStand campaign something fantastic happened for the path to Parliamentary equality; Sarah Olney overturned the 23,000 strong majority of Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park, becoming the third woman to hold the seat since its creation in 1997. For gender equality campaigners, this was a celebrated victory. With an elected chamber where there are more …

A Democratic Deficit – Why I want more women in Parliament

by Joanna Phaure, an Ambassador for  50:50 Parliament At last, after centuries of lack of women in Parliament, the UK government is finally having an Inquiry into this important issue. They are inviting submissions to the Women and Equalities Select Committee.  I urge everyone who truly cares about democracy to contribute before the end of September. Please take this opportunity …

Women in Politics: A Progressive Perspective

The following blog is an opinion piece by Julie Roberts. Julie lives in Edinburgh and is an Ambassador for 50:50 Parliament. “There are two things that should never be discussed at the dinner table,” my Grannie said to me one Sunday afternoon as we were washing the dishes after lunch, “politics and religion.”  It was 1990; I was 10 years …

50:50 Parliament: What would it look like?

50:50 Parliament: What would it look like? The following blog is an opinion piece by Anna Sanders. Anna is a postgraduate in politics at Manchester University and an Ambassador for 50:50 Parliament. Women make up half of the population, and yet in Britain, they constitute fewer than three in ten MPs. With 133 female MPs needed before parity can be …

The 50:50 Campaign at the House of Commons

How do we get better gender balance in Parliament? 50:50 Debate

Around two hundred 50:50 Parliament Campaign supporters held a rally outside Parliament on 1 December to remember Nancy Astor, the first woman to take her seat as an MP, 96 years ago. A lively debate then took place inside the House of Commons, with a cross-party panel discussing solutions to get more women into Parliament.

50:50 House of Commons Debate: Storify

To mark the anniversary of Nancy Astor MP taking a seat in the House of Commons – the first woman to do so – 50:50 Parliament rallied on the railings and convened a cross-party discussion on how to get better gender balance in the British Parliament. Storify by Hanna Nomm.

Female Mayoral candidates deserve more media coverage

The race for the next London Mayor is on. With seven months to go to the fifth Mayoral and London Assembly elections, you could be forgiven for thinking that there are only two candidates in the running for Mayor.

Review of Suffragette Film

50:50 Parliament was lucky enough to attend a special preview of Suffragette earlier this month. This new film, directed by Sarah Gavron and written by Abi Morgan is a must see! It provides a moving insight into the hard-won fight for women’s suffrage and the wider struggle for gender equality in the UK.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals: a call for a Gender Balanced Parliament!

25-27 September 2015 saw world leaders launch the United Nations (‘UN’) Sustainable Development Goals, setting the agenda for international development for the next 15 years. The Millennium Development Goals guided the UN’s development work since the year 2000, but the UN is now building on that success and providing a new wish list for international development. The UN Global Development Goals …

50:50 Labour Leadership Election

After all the debates, polls and news coverage, the Labour leadership contest is coming to an end. The 50:50 Parliament campaign believes that having more women in Parliament matters because policy decisions matter, so it’s time for a quick roundup of what each candidate might mean for policy developments that affect women in the UK.

2014: The Good, The Bad and the Change Making

Lists. That’s what defines the end of a year. Lists of the year’s best films, songs, great bake off moments, Taylor Swift moments…basically buzzfeed type articles filling up my timeline (more so than normal). And now we get to do the same for feminist fun. Was 2014 a good year for women? Did we come closer to smashing the patriarchy? What …

More women on boards: We need to value pregnancy and motherhood

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Buckingham OBE and Senior Advisor on Diversity for the Institute of Directors. We discussed my insights and knowledge regarding the issues around pregnancy in the workplace, return-ships and the overall impact the pregnancy journey and new motherhood has on the pipeline of female talent, some of which Lisa included in …

Being an MP is not for me

Parliament: it’s a man’s world. To be more specific, it’s a straight, white, middle class man’s world. For something that’s meant to be representing our society as a whole, it’s doing a pretty awful job.

The Cabinet Reshuffle

We’re one step closer to gender equality in parliament following DC’s reshuffle last week! At least from a statistical view point and numbers don’t lie…right?

It’s not about words, it’s about voices – a stay at home CEO

Emma Walker is currently working with 50:50 Parliament as a Consultant. Last Monday evening she retweeted a picture which, on the face of it, was a visual indication of just how far women – in politics, in authority, in the world generally – still have to go before they are taken seriously. In fact it was the faces that were the problem. Six of …

A Blokes Blog

Election Fatigue? I May Have a Solution. I always find myself slightly depressed around elections.

Chicken Tikka Misogyny

Last week, I attended an event held by an MP to bring younger members of our constituency together to discuss politics in an informal setting – a curry house.