Conservatives may consider all-women shortlists, says women's minister [Guardian]

Nicky Morgan says no option off the table to boost female representation but not enough candidates are coming forward

Nicky Morgan, the new women’s minister, has indicated that theConservatives are prepared to consider all-women shortlists if no progress is made on improving the party’s proportion of female MPs at the election next year.

In comments to Mumsnet, the parenting website, Morgan said the party was taking the issue of women’s representation very seriously, but not enough female candidates were coming forward.

In answer to a question about her views on all-women shortlists, she said: “I think we need to see where we end up in 2015 and if we are still struggling to get more women MPs then no option is off the table.”

Morgan’s comments are her first setting out her position on the issue since she became women’s minister in April, replacing Maria Miller, who stood down over a scandal about her mortgage expenses.

Only 16% of Conservative MPs are women, compared with 33% of Labour MPs, while the Liberal Democrats have the worst ratio at 13%. Only three out of 27 members of David Cameron’s cabinet are women…

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