But we want the best?

So do we, but we believe you can’t have the best if you don’t include 51% of the population. Women make up 60% of law graduates and 50% of graduates so surely we will only have the best once women are represented equally in Parliament.

It’s not just women who are underrepresented in Parliament, what about minorities?

Women are a diverse majority. With more female representation, more minorities will gain representation as a result.

How can we achieve this, does it have to be with quotas?

No, we can achieve this in many ways. Quotas have succeeded for some countries like Senegal, which went from 22% to 44% women in Parliament in one election, but there are other options. We are asking for debate in the House of Commons so the politicians can decide what is the best way.

Why do we need more women in Parliament?

We need more women in Parliament because they are 51% of the UK population. They account for 32 million UK citizens. They make a massive contribution to society in their paid and unpaid work and merit fair inclusion. This historic problem needs to be addressed.

50:50 Parliament is calling for Parliament to draw upon the widest possible pool of talent and become more gender balanced and inclusive.

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