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50:50 Parliament want women and men to run the country and plan our future together in similar numbers.Become a Friend of 50:50 Parliament and help us campaign to ensure that this aspiration is achieved. 50:50 Parliament is an inclusive, non-partisan, cross-party campaign for better gender balance at Westminster. It has the support of people from across the UK.

There are many solutions to the historic gender imbalance in Parliament. Every donation will help us keep up the pressure on all the political parties and Parliament and demand that women have an equal say. With our 50:50 Ambassador programme we aim to inspire interest and political engagement and encourage women to stand.

Friends of 50:50 Parliament will get:

  • priority booking to all our events, including our annual event commemorating Nancy Astor taking her seat at the House of Commons,
  • exclusive invitations to a range of networking and social events,
  • and a 20% discount in our shop.

Members will also have an opportunity to sponsor our events, with details of the generous support of the member or company being given in our leaflets, on invitations, and on our website.

Currently 50:50 is an entirely voluntary organisation and receives no funding. We depend on our Friends for financial support. We want the campaign to get bigger and better. 50:50 needs funds to run the office, support 50:50 Parliament Ambassadors, run the #AskHerToStand campaign, produce promotional materials, improve IT and organise events.

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