50:50 Parliament at the Women’s March London

50:50 Parliament will be marching at the Women’s March London for a more inclusive, representative and gender balanced Parliament. Because it would be better for everyone!

Join us on 21st January – sign up free of charge here

Men outnumber women by 2:1 in the Commons and 3:1 in Lords.

The statistics suggest that the system still isn’t working for women.

If Parliament is inaccessible to the diverse majority that are women then many others must and do face hurdles too. #5050Parliament want the barriers to broken down so that our Parliament is a truly inclusive, representative and democratic institution. This would give more responsive and better informed decision making.

50:50 Parliament has the support of over 50,600 people from across the UK who have signed the 50:50 Parliament petition at change.org/5050Parliament. The Telegraph called 50:50 the 21st Century Suffragettes.

After three years of campaigning all the political parties have agreed that a gender balanced Parliament would be better see video clip here. A report published by Parliament  on 10 January shows that Parliament is listening and even quotes the 50:50 submission concerning this serious “democratic deficit” and the need for Parliament to draw upon the “widest possible pool of talent” including the 32 million UK women!

50:50 want to keep the pressure on. 50:50 is seeking action. As the old Suffragette saying goes, we need “Deeds not words!”

Around 100 years after women won the right to vote it’s time for women to be seen and heard at Westminster in equal numbers to men!

This is why #5050Parliament are marching.

This is a non-partisan issue, concerning the quality of governance and nature of democracy.

50:50 want all women to have an equal say concerning reproductive rights, parenting policy, equal pay, maternity care and violence against women for more informed policy making.

50:50 want all women to have an equal say in formulating economic policy, health care, welfare, defence strategy, foreign affairs, the environment, transport, education and all issues because these decisions affect them as much as anyone else.

50:50 want to build a better, more inclusive, representative gender balanced democracy for the benefit of everyone.

The problem we face is that our democracy was designed at a time when women’s voices counted for nothing. Now we need to build democratic systems and parliamentary processes that ensure Parliament can be truly inclusive, diverse, representative and gender balanced.

50:50 Parliament will also be calling for women to stand as MPs and will be promoting their #AskHerToStand campaign which aims to support and encourage women to stand.

At the Women’s March London 50:50 will have 3 calls to action:

  1. Sign change.org/5050Parliament, to put pressure on those in power to take action
  2. Recruiting 50:50 Ambassadors  to inspire interest and encourage engagement with politics
  3. Promoting #AskHerToStand so that everyone asks the inspirational women they know to stand as MPs. 50:50 aim to offer all these #AskHerToStand champions support and encouragement.

​Women’s March London will be an inspirational day of action for #5050Parliament!