Nancy Astor Interview [Woman's Hour, 1957]

In 1919 Nancy Astor was the first women  to take her seat in the House of Commons for Plymouth South.  But to this day there are still more men with seats in the Commons than there have ever been women MPs elected.

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She was a feisty woman and her are some great quotes:

” I wanted the world to get better and I knew that it couldn’t get better if it was going to be ruled by men”

“In fact I think that it’s amazing how well the men did for 2000 years considering they tried to do it alone.  We know what they are when we leave them in the house alone”

“I felt it was my duty to vote the way I thought was right ”

” I had the women behind me.”

” We’ve got moral strength, you’ve got immoral strength.” I said to the gentlemen.

” Amazing how well the men treated me considering how few of them wanted me there.”

Arthur Balfour, Lloyd George and many others had made it clear that they would rather have a rattle snake in the House of Commons than me at that time.

Winston Churchill to Nancy Astor ” We hoped to freeze you out.   When you entered the House of Commons I felt like a woman had entered my bathroom and I’d nothing to protect myself with except a sponge.”


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