Nick Clegg mocks Daily Mail's 'catwalk' coverage of women in cabinet [Guardian]

Deputy PM tweets picture of himself and writes: ‘Fingers crossed the Mail approves. Hope I don’t look too 80s cabin attendant’

Nick Clegg’s tweet, Photograph: Twitter

Nick Clegg has mocked the Daily Mail‘s dissection of what the new Conservative female cabinet ministers are wearing by tweeting a picture of his outfit.

The deputy prime minister responded to the sexism row by posing for a picture on what the newspaper called the “Downing Street catwalk”, adding that he hoped he did not look too much like a 1980s cabin attendant.

MPs from all parties have now raised questions about the Mail’s decision to examine the dresses, hair, bag, legs, shoes and make-up of nine ministers, while describing senior Tory Esther McVey as “thigh-flashing Esther”.

“What I wore to the office today. Fingers crossed the Mail approves. Hope I don’t look too ’80s cabin attendant’,” Clegg wrote

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