Women in Parliament and Government [House of Commons Library]

This note shows how the number of women in Parliament has changed since 1918, when women first became eligible to be elected as MPs. It presents comparative data for women in Parliament and other elected bodies in the UK and internationally. It also looks at some milestones over the last 100 years for women in Parliament and Government in the UK.

Sexminster Expose [Channel 4 News]

Channel 4 News has been investigating sexual harassment in parliament. We spoke to 70 people hailing from all political parties and found this is something that’s really part of the fabric. Cathy Newman 10 April 2014

Glamour Tweets

An MP has claimed some Conservatives make lurid hand gestures towards Labour women during debates in the Commons.

Can Theresa May make it to the top? [Guardian]

While flashier talents have come and gone, the home secretary is now a potential leader of the Conservatives. What does her rise tell us about the Tory party today – and its relationship with women?