50:50’s Speech at #March4Women

By  Isabel Adomakoh Young

Hello March4Women!

I’m Isabel from 50:50 Parliament, it’s great to be with you.
Thanks Care UK for organising such an inspiring march!
50:50 have been called the Modern Day Suffragettes!
We want Equal Seats and Equal Say.
Women may have the vote but we don’t yet have equal representation.
It’s 2018 but in that place men outnumber women by more than 2:1.
The statistics show the sexism.
We’re putting pressure on those in power to tackle the barriers and to facilitate a more inclusive and accessible democracy for everyone.
If you think men and women should run the country and plan the future together equally then join us.
This matters because representation shapes policy – Tax on Tampons is the tip of the iceberg.
Of course men can represent women but studies show they do so better when there are more women around.
And anyway women should be equally involved in ALL policy decisions – they affect us too.
So join 50:50 at our website 5050parliament.co.uk and take action:
If you know a woman who would make a good MP then put her up for our Ask Her To Stand programme.
Or if you might consider becoming an MP yourself, Sign up to stand
50:50 are here to help women along the way to Westminster .
Just like we inspired and supported Rosie Duffield in standing and now she is an MP.
So Take Action and JOIN 50:50 Today!
We need your deeds not just words!!!
For Equal Seats and Equal Say

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