50:50 on Brexit at Big Tent Festival 2019

Brexit Lacks Women’s Voices

Women Need Equal Seats & Equal Say in Decision Making

Now is the time to Build a Better Democracy! 

30 Aug 2019 50:50 at Big Tent Festival 

Brexit and prorogation will be part of the discussion at the Big Tent Festival this year. These are massively important issues that will affect everyone’s future but the policy decisions that have brought us to this point have lacked women’s voices! 

In the lead up to the Brexit referendum analysis by Loughborough University revealed that men dominated 85% of press coverage and 75% of TV time. Although 29% of MPs were women they had less than 16% of parliamentary press and media coverage. Women’s voices were not heard. 

Men continue to dominate the corridors of power and direct the course our country will take. They outnumber women by more than 2:1 in Parliament. There is a democratic deficit. Since 1918, when women first won the right to stand, of the 5000 MPs elected fewer than 500 have been women. Only twelve extra women won seats in 2017, at this rate it will take over 50 years to achieve gender balance at Westminster. More than 40 countries have better gender balance in their governments. It is clear that the mother of Parliaments needs modernising.

Our view at 50:50 Parliament is that the UK should be leading the way for women’s democratic inclusion.

The fight for women’s political equality is still on. Sometimes upheaval leads to renewal. It took a world war for women to win the vote maybe Brexit will be the catalyst for women to win equal seats and equal say at Westminster. 

50:50 are the much needed new girls network! We are a cross-party non-partisan campaign which aims to inspire and support women in standing for elected office. Over 700 women have now signed up to stand via 50:50 and we are putting in place a team of mentors to support them in taking the next step along the way to Westminster. 

50:50 Parliament is pleased to partner with Big Tent Ideas Festival! Big Tent have ensured that there is a gender balance of speakers and contributors. The festival recognises that women’s experience and opinions count as much as men’s. 

Frances Scott, Founder and Director of 50:50 speaking at Big Tent says

“The current political turmoil can lead to change! 50:50 are proud to be at the Big Tent Festival. There is clearly a need to build a better democracy that is accessible and attractive to the 32 million UK women, who are the majority of our population. We need the best of both, men and women at Westminster to ensure that our political institutions are drawing upon the widest possible pool of talent and experience to better inform policy and law making. ”  

JOIN 50:50 at www.5050Parliament.co.uk.  It costs nothing to join our campaign for change.

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About 50:50 Parliament 50:50 Parliament is a cross party campaign taking action to get more women elected to Westminster. With their #AskHerToStand and #SignUpToStand initiatives 50:50 aims to inspire, encourage and support political engagement. Join 50:50 at www.5050parliament.co.uk; 50:50 Parliament on Facebook; 50:50 Parliament on Twitter; 50:50 Parliament YouTube; sign http://www.change.org/5050parliament.

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