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A Century of Women in Parliament
18th December

This December, we mark 100 years since the first woman took her seat in the House of Commons.

Since then, Westminster has seen the advent of universal suffrage, precisely one female Speaker, and two women serving as Prime Minister.

Join us as our panel discusses progress towards gender equality in politics over the last century, and the obstacles women still face. As women MPs continue to face disproportionate levels of abuse, and the toxicity of today’s political climate dissuades many from standing again, we discuss how far is left to go.


Jess Phillips MP - Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley

Helen Grant MP - Member of Parliament for Maidstone and The Weald

Layla Moran MP - Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon

Frances Scott - Founder of 50:50 Parliament

Anoosh Chakelian (chair) - Britain Editor, New Statesman

50:50 At Women's March London "Bread & Roses" Rally
19th Jan, 11:00 - 16:00
Meet: Starbucks, corner of Langham Place and Mortimer Street (near BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place)
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Join 50:50 at Women's March London "Bread & Roses" rally on 19 Jan.

50:50 will meet at 11.00 am by the Starbucks on corner of Langham Place and Mortimer Street close BBC Broadcasting House. We will join the march from there to Trafalgar Square, which will start at around 11.15.

Come along as part of the 50:50 team at this rousing rally. Help raise awareness of our #AskHerToStand and #SignUpToStand initiatives on the 50:50 website which inspire, encourage and support women along the path to Parliament.

Past Events

Here are some of the things we've been up to recently...

Big Tent Ideas Festival
31st August 2019

The Big Tent is strictly non-partisan in its politics, united by a desire to see this political crisis resolved through the broad engagement of multiple actors of all political persuasions and none.

They convene and connect innovators and the non-tribal with genuine, democratic policy making processes, while seeking to catalyse  progressive partnerships and to make a difference both locally and nationally.

Celebrating Women in the Law
13th May 2019

50:50 joined the Association of Women Solicitors London for an inspirational evening hosted by Rosie Duffield MP with Vicky Ford MP to celebrate one hundred years of women in the law.

50:50 At Women's March London - "Bread & Roses" Rally
19th January 2019

50:50 joined the Women's March London "Bread & Roses" rally and marched from BBC Broadcasting House to Trafalgar Square.

The Equality Chant, Westminster
14th December 2018

One hundred years ago to the day was the first general election in which women could vote or stand to be an MP.

50:50 joined up with some fantastic sports women and performance artists for the Equality Chant and a historic photo.

50:50 Parliament's #AskHerToStand Day in Parliament
21st November 2018

Billed by the Guardian as the first day women outnumbered men in Parliament, 50:50 invited 300 women from across the country to parliament for the day to shadow their MPs and be inspired to stand.

This was the 100 year anniversary of the Qualification of Women Act, when women were first allowed to stand.

50:50 Parliament's Cambridge #AskHerToStand Conference
17th November 2018

The first ever 50:50 Parliament #AskHerToStand conference in Cambridge, co-hosted by 50:50 Parliament's #AskHerToStand Director Dolly Theis, Principal of Newnham College Professor Dame Carol Black, & former President of Lucy Cavendish College Jackie Ashey.

With the Minister for Women and many other women MPs, the conference helped attendees learn about what it takes to get elected to Parliament

50:50 At #BringTheNoise - Trump's Visit with Women's March London
13th July 2018

50:50 were NOISY for #EqualSeats and #EqualSay, broadcasting to the world that we stand together for Justice, Equality and Peace. 

"Processions" - celebrating 100 years of votes for women
10th June 2018

50:50 took part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: mass participation artwork to celebrate one hundred years of votes for women

The unveiling of the Fawcett statue
24th April 2018

50:50 were at the historic unveiling of one of the most significant statues of our time – suffragist, Millicent Fawcett.

Hers is the first ever statue of a woman in Parliament Square, and the first ever statue there to be created by a woman artist, Gillian Wearing OBE.

Tooting Women's Institute #AskHerToStand Workshop
14th March 2018

An inspirational evening campaigning with 50:50 at the Tooting Women's Institute. Frances Scott, Founder of 50:50 Parliament, talked about the campaign's progress and the fantastic #AskHerToStand Action

IWD2018 - MPs & 50:50 #PressForProgress in Parliament
8th March 2018

An inspirational panel of women MPs, including Rosie Duffield MP, Dawn Butler and Jo Swinson MP, on why they stood for Parliament and what needs to be done to get 117 more women elected

Care International's #March4Women
4th March 2018

50:50 joined Care International's fantastic #March4Women. Starting outside Parliament, we marched to Trafalgar Square where inspirational Isabel Adomakoh Young spoke for 50:50 and our #AskHerToStand Action.