Bite-Size Zoom Workshops

50:50 are currently facilitating some brilliant FREE Weekly Bite-Size Zoom workshops.

These sessions are party specific and have had great feedback from our #SignUpToStand women. They are facilitated by our fantastic 50:50 #AskHerToStand Directors and Coordinators.

They offer great advice and insights, helping women build their 50:50 Personal Political Profiles, giving guidance on how to progress to selection within their own political party. 

As well as hearing from our team’s own experiences and other women at the event, they are also often joined by special guests such as female MPs and special speakers

The table below shows the current timetable of our BiteSize events, 50:50 plan to offer more in future. 

Different topics are covered at each session from building your public profile to being an MP. All you need to do to get involved is click on #SignUpToStand ! You will then receive weekly invitations to the zoom events with more information. These workshops are an incredible way to help you progress in your political career, meet like minded women and get inspired.

Join 50:50 in changing the political landscape of the UK and demand equal seats and equal say for women!

Party Date Time
ConservativesMonday7am & 7pm
LabourTuesday1pm & 8pm
Liberal DemocratsWednesday (fortnightly)8pm

List of topics so far, include:

  • Campaigning – What campaigning involves (and all the different types!), ways to build your campaign experience and top tips
  • Standing in a Local Election & Being a Councillor – The process, the experience and top tips. 
  • Building Your Public Profile – How to navigate the media, social media and public speaking.
  • How to become a candidate – The process, what happens once you’re on and top tips
  • Standing in a General Election –  The process, the experience and top tips.
  • Policy and Issues – The policy process and how to campaign on the issues you care about most.
  • Picking your battles – how to decide which political battles to pick and when it’s appropriate to disagree/agree publicly
  • Being an MP – How to get there and what the role involves