Why 50:50?

Parliament is meant to be representative. It should draw upon the widest possible pools of talent and experience. There are 32 million women in the UK which is 51% of the population. Women make a massive contribution to society in their paid and unpaid work. They merit fair representation and inclusion in the most important decision-making institution in our country.

Men continue to outnumber women by more than 2:1 in the corridors of power.  At the last election only 12 extra women were elected, at this rate it will take over 50 years for full gender equality. 50:50 are impatient for change and aspire to a more gender balanced, inclusive Parliament sooner than that. Our vision is a Parliament where men and women legislate the laws of the land together in equal numbers.

All political parties and over 50,000 signatories to the 50:50 petition agree that a gender balanced Parliament would be more representative and better informed. One hundred years after women won the right to vote the fight for political equality continues. 

50:50 aims to inspire, encourage and support women in being elected to Westminster and is asking Parliament and all the political parties to work on solutions. We need the best of both, men and women together at Westminster.

Let’s build a better democracy together!