Inspired to Stand by 50:50!

By Valerie John-Baptiste

Five years ago, in 2013, when Frances started 50:50, I was heavily occupied with what turned out to be a seven year training in psychotherapy and research. Over the years, she would passionately invite me to get involved in politics because I think she could see that at some point I would be ready.

And so in December last year, when Frances invited me and my daughters to the Houses of Parliament I decided that I was now ready to see what she had been going on about. Entering Parliament and listening to ordinary but extraordinary women speak about why and how they had decided to get involved opened something up for me. I was inspired to participate!

So in January, I joined Advance a new local party which focuses on having good people running for local council. My experience with Advance so far mirrors the 50:50 fight for women having equal seats and equal say in Parliament. In the short time that I have been with Advance, I have experienced the resistance that a new party faces, those who dare to challenge and change the current political paradigm. A two horse race is not a choice. It is my hope that more and more local people get involved so that we can have exceptional people working in service to others no matter which party they belong to.

We are living in a time where the fight for that which is ethical and equal is being fought by passionate people that are involved in groups like 50:50 and Advance.

I am proud to fight for change, join us!

About 50:50 Parliament

50:50 Parliament is a cross party campaign taking action and calling for solutions to get better gender balance in Parliament. With their #AskHerToStand campaign 50:50 aims to inspire, encourage and support political engagement. Their petition to Party Leaders is gathering momentum, it calls upon Party Leaders and Parliament for solutions. Join us and let’s build a better democracy together!

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