50:50 Part of Equal Power!

50:50 Parliament is part of the fantastic coalition of women’s groups led by Fawcett Society campaigning for Equal Power! We are standing on the threshold of a new decade, let’s make it a decade of democracy. Will you stand with us?

By Sarah Tomlin

Sarah Tomlin Equal Power Coordinator for 50:50

2019 was quite a year for politics but we want 2020 to be even more ground breaking.

I am proud to be the 50:50 coordinator for the Equal Power campaign, which is a wonderful coalition of women’s groups and community organisers led by the Fawcett Society and funded by Comic Relief.

220 women MPs were elected in the 2019 general election, including at least 9 wonderful women inspired by 50:50 Parliament. These are record numbers but still only 34% of MPs and 35% of local councillors are women.

This is not good enough, we demand equality and we don’t want to wait a lifetime to get it. 2019 saw only 12 extra women being elected to Westminster and it this rate it will take decades for women to have equal seats and equal say!

To accelerate change the Equal Power campaign was launched in December. It is a fantastic coalition of women’s groups working together to inspire and empower women. 50:50 will be working the Fawcett Society, Parliament Project, Centenary Action Group, Muslim Women’s Network and Citizens UK reaching out to women from across the UK. During 2020 Equal Power will be running fantastic workshops throughout the country to inspire women to stand for elected office. 

Just 34% of MPs elected in the general election were women.

Take action and register with Equal Power today! Don’t miss out on workshops in London, Manchester, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Together we are building networks and support groups to help you along your political journey. Why not register now? Explore the opportunities, embrace your potential and equip yourself for the journey ahead.

Just 35% of councillors in England are women

Did you know there are mayoral and local elections in May 2020? This can be a great learning ground for all women candidates.

Equal Power will reach over 4,500 women over 3 years with training aimed at potential local and national candidates, as well as community organizers, and women facing additional barriers because of their race or religion.

As part of Equal Power 50:50 will be attending the workshops and promoting our #AskHerToStand and #SignUpToStand campaigns. Our New Girls Network of 50:50 buddies and individual profiles will provide ongoing support to women who are considering a career in politics. Make sure you #SignUpToStand with 50:50 Parliament here so that 50:50 can help you take the next step into politics and monitor your progress.

50:50 Ambassador Lucrece Grehoua played a fab part in launching Equal Power for 50:50 as we tweeted her short promotional video on the day. And Frances Scott Founder of 50:50 said when announcing Equal Power:

“We are taking action to create a Parliament in which men and women run the country and plan the future together in equal numbers. Westminster should be leading the way in showing respect for women, their experience and opinions.”

What are you waiting for? Let’s make 2020 the year that you make the change happen, register with Equal Power today!

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50:50 Parliament encourages and inspires women to stand with our #AskHerToStand and #SignUpToStand campaigns. We work with all the political parties to empower women into politics. Our #NewGirlsNetwork will support women to elected office so that women get better representation at the next election. 

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