Record Numbers of Women #SignUpToStand & 50:50 on Woman’s Hour!

Frances Scott, Founder & Director
50:50 Parliament
22 Dec 2019
During the last few weeks record numbers of women have been signing up to stand via . Woman’s Hour invited Frances and Lucrece to talk about it with Jenni Murray – go here to listen

Being on Woman’s Hour has had a snowball effect with even more people clicking #AskHerToStand and #SignUpToStand on the 50:50 website.  

It feels like a wave of women want to stand for Westminster!

What an inspirational way to end 2019 and a great way to start 2020!  

MASSIVE THANKS to all the FAB 50:50 supporters.

By campaigning together throughout the year and throughout the country we have achieved amazing things.  

– We inspired 9 women who got elected to Parliament in this general election.

– We inspired over 50 women to stand as candidates and many others who stood in local council elections.

– We have record numbers of women going to #SignUpToStand via 50:50 with over 1100 women wanting to stand, increasing from around 400 a year ago.

– We have got funding to pay for a Campaign Co-ordinator and recruited fab Natasha Kaeda to the role. Thank you Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust for believing in 50:50! 

– We have set up the 50:50 New Girls Network. Natasha is now creating personal profiles for all the women who have signed up to stand with us and is allocating every one of them a buddy so that they can help each other get selected and elected. Now 50:50 will be able to mentor and monitor women’s progress along the path to Parliament and really be able to help them along the way to Westminster.  

– And we have just launched #EqualPower with the Fawcett Society, Parliament Project, Centenary Action Group, Muslim Women’s Network and Citizens UK with funding from Comic Relief. Together, during 2020 we will be running fantastic workshops throughout the country to inspire women to stand for elected office. Sign up here!

Since 50:50 started in 2013 we have continued to put pressure on the political parties, see our detailed analysis of the election results here

50:50 will keep campaigning for women to have equal seats and equal say! This is why it matters: 

Representation shapes policy. There is evidence from more gender balanced Parliaments that although men can represent women they tend to listen to women’s concerns better when there are more women in the room.
Resources: Parliament should draw upon the widest possible pool of talent and experience including that of the 32 million women who live and work in the UK.
Responsiblity: Women should have an equal say in running the country and planning the future. 
Respect: Parliament should lead the way in showing respect for women, their experience and opinions.  

So please continue to support 50:50 Parliament and if you meet a woman who might make a good MP over this holiday period use our website to #AskHerToStand.  

50:50 look forward to campaigning together in 2020. 

Have a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year! 
50:50 Parliament wishes everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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50:50 Parliament encourages and inspires women to stand with our #AskHerToStand and #SignUpToStand campaigns. We work with all the political parties to empower women into politics. Our #NewGirlsNetwork will support women to elected office so that women get better representation at the next election. 

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