50:50 at Femedic event – Women’s Health & Austerity

Femedic kindly invited 50:50 to speak at their first live event, ‘How Does Austerity Affect Women’s Health’ We too often see women’s lives and experiences not prioritised by our policy makers. This is evident in women’s health. 145 women a week in the UK die of gynaecological cancer, yet it receives only 0.4% of research funding. Maternity services report overwhelming …

The 50:50 Campaign at the House of Commons

How do we get better gender balance in Parliament? 50:50 Debate

Around two hundred 50:50 Parliament Campaign supporters held a rally outside Parliament on 1 December to remember Nancy Astor, the first woman to take her seat as an MP, 96 years ago. A lively debate then took place inside the House of Commons, with a cross-party panel discussing solutions to get more women into Parliament.

50:50 House of Commons Debate: Storify

To mark the anniversary of Nancy Astor MP taking a seat in the House of Commons – the first woman to do so – 50:50 Parliament rallied on the railings and convened a cross-party discussion on how to get better gender balance in the British Parliament. Storify by Hanna Nomm.